Hot Amazon Devices to Watch Out for in 2019

This 2019 treat yourself to new Amazon devices because you and your family deserve it. The online retail company is certainly branching out as they’ve started producing their own goods rather than rely on third-party sellers. And it’s a step towards success as their line of electronics is a big hit to consumers. Here are some of the top devices to watch out for in 2019.

Top 2019 Amazon Devices

#1 Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k

Not everyone can afford a smart TV. However, there are lots of affordable LED, LCD and plasma TVs online with crisp and clear images. What’s lacking is the “smart” functionality. What if you can “upgrade” your tv? With the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k, you can! It sets itself apart from the regular “cast” devices because the Fire TV Stick acts like a small computer that allows you to watch video streaming services all day long. The remote control also supports Alexa voice control, so you don’t have to keep on pressing buttons.

Price: $50

#2 Echo Dot

The 3rd generation Echo Dot is the Amazon’s best-selling smart speaker that gives you the whole Alexa experience at nearly the fraction of the price of standard Alexa devices. It has amazing sound quality and responds smoothly to voice commands.

Price: $30

#3 Echo Input

If you already have a spanking brand-new sound system but you still want Alexa, there’s no need to buy an Amazon speaker. The Echo Input is an Alexa-enabled device that that can be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi and to your sound system via aux or Bluetooth. Essentially, the Echo Input is a mic to catch your voice commands. The sleek design will fit seamlessly on any tabletop or cabinet.

Price: $35

#4 Amazon Smart Plug

Ever wanted a voice-controlled home but can’t afford the rewiring and remodeling that comes along with it? With the Amazon Smart Plug, you can make electronics “smarter”. The plugs can be linked with Alexa devices and you can control when to turn it on and off thereby controlling things such as lights, fans, appliances and more.

Price: $25

#5 Amazon Fire HD 8

Let’s move on to the hand-held devices offered by Amazon. Top on the list for 2019 is the Amazon Fire HD 8 which is a very affordable but feature-rich device.  It has an amazing display, quad-core processor with 1.56 ram that allows you to play videos and apps. The internal storage is only 16gb but a microSD slot on the side allows you to add up to 400gb which is more than enough for downloadable content. A “show mode” turns it into an Alexa enabled input device and you can ask for information such as the weather, stock exchange or other tasks even from across the room.

Price: $50

Watch out for More Amazon Devices in 2019

As 2018 ends, Amazon is just getting started. 2019 promises to be a year full of surprises. Stay updated with the latest tech with Circulo Web, your source of fresh tech news.