iPhone XR: A Review on Features and Specifications

The next iPhone to buy that fits right into your budget is the iPhone XR (pronounced “ten R”). It has gained a substantial amount of attention as it is a flagship phone except, without the flagship price. Sleek in style and performance, the iPhone XR suggests to being the best iPhone of the year. It is jam-packed with the finest features that you may want to take into account.

Colorful and Lightweight Design

With a dash of color options, iPhone XR is highly comparable with the iPhone 5C. But of course, Apple never does the same thing twice so this has got a special touch into it. The colors do not only create a chic accent into the device but also symbolizes the distinctiveness of Apple’s creations.

You may choose from the color options: white, black, blue, yellow, coral, and (PRODUCT) Red.

The glass back and aluminum edges complete the compact design together with a metallic touch. This is specifically done to meet the aircraft-grade custom for its remarkable durability and lightweight fabrication.

Exclusive Wallpapers

A special feature of pre-loaded custom wallpapers comprises the wide range of iPhone XR’s exclusivity. These wallpapers are mainly intended to match with the exterior to complete the package.

Battery Life

iPhone XR’s battery life is quite impressive. With its 2,942 mAh unit, it can reach up to 25 hours of wireless talk time, 15 hours of internet browsing, and 16 hours of video playback. That says so much more than XS’ and XS Max’s battery endurance.

Liquid Retina LCD Display

Apple is saying that iPhone XR’s LCD is by far the most color accurate compared to the older models. It has a 6.1 inches screen size, and it is also the largest LCD ever placed in an iPhone. The screen resolution is at 1,792 x 828 Apple calls it the Liquid Retina Display, and while the screen resolution may sound a little low, it looks sharp at the distance you typically hold your phone.

Single-lens Portrait Mode

Another feature that Apple suited for the iPhone XR is the inclusion of the Portrait mode effect by replicating it via software even with only a single lens assembly. The user can still adjust the effect on the background without affecting the subject because of its fine-tuning element.

Haptic Touch

The haptic touch feature is a replica that allows you to control the 3D Touch experience. Instead of having an automatic 3D sensing display, the user can rouse the effect by long press and a vibration will signal the phone’s feedback on the stimulation.

The iPhone XR is now available for the taking and the price starts at $750. However, other sellers also offer special deals for a limited time. No matter the cost, Apple will always deliver you their part of the bargain. Right now, the best deal comes in a box with iPhone XR printed on it.

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